Monday, 16 August 2010

Day 4

The 5 legged race
and making a campsite flag
pictorial moments and mastering the bottle sling

Day 3

Jenny + Rachel

Hannah + Holly

Hannah + Jenny

Rachel + Holly

Humour, precision, collective, properness, corpsing, resist, satisfying, edgy, adamant, broken, uncomfortable, reclaimed

Charming, studious, ambitionus, ‘OCD neat’, radio 4, master/servant, tropical, siblings, homemade fun, absurd, sculptural, playful

Anticipation, honest and inspired, ‘at gunpoint’, ‘you drive’, filmic, intimate, risky, unexpected, difficult, unexpected, joyous

Brave, striking, real, sombre, decisive, point of no return, serious, strong ad still, still, sombre and committed

Day 2

I forgot about fire
Remembering what it means to be part of something
Making a home
Something new
Having something to take home
Wife swap
4 not 2
Being here and spending some time
All weathers
No admin
New words
Selfish hour

Low Profile's task to Hunt & Darton... Moto's

• Perform the lunge at the start of every working day, to remind us what’s good for us
• Hunt & Darton will perform different roles to break routine and potential bad habits
• Blog daily
• Never take each other for granted
• Plan and be organised
• Delegate through management
• Commission other artists
• Share knowledge throughout
• Program ourselves
• Write a clear manifesto for project outlining goals and ethos in order to stay focussed
• No drinking Alcohol during working shift
• End every working day with an embrace

Hunt & Darton's task to Low Profile...take a walk together

Voice losing
Having babies
Breaking your leg
Family crisis
Leaves the country
Misses the flight
Tights for fan belt but not fan belt for tights
We ruled out boys
Holly, Jenny, Lucy, Jodie, Nina
Tradition says if the groom doesn’t turn up the best man has to step in and marry the bride.
On our walk to black Torrington, 1 mile from camp, Hannah very nearly gets run over. Rachel shouts, Hannah, Hannah Hannah.
Nick Clegg
Uncle Brian

Day 1

Ray Mears
Looking behind the label
Vintage Vogue Patterns
Jenny size wetsuit

4 x bespoke kit bags (Hand sewn, yellow and blue, initialled)
Scouting For Boys
Selection of vintage camping manuals
Sewing kit
Courgette cake

Girl guide songbook and CD
Circuit training kit

12 x Hunt & Darton, Low Profile residency challenge badges
3 x vintage Girl Guide annuals
Ribbons, variety of colours including Salmon
Postage labels and mini envelops

Clockwise from left: Utility room/gym, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room

Hunt & Darton / LOW PROFILE embark on a joint camping residency in deepest darkest Devon

Hunt & Darton are Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton. They have been collaborating for the past 4 years making performance and live art work from a Fine Art background. They are based in the Hertfordshire and London, UK.
LOW PROFILE are Rachel Dobbs & Hannah Jones. They have been working in collaboration since 2003 to make live art and performances. They are currently based in Plymouth, UK.